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My name is Buddy and I live at Eagle Point Farm in Ashland, Virginia. I have lived at the farm for most of the 12 years of my life. Oh, by the way, I am a black Labrador Retriever (except I donít retrieve). You might remember me from last years Christmas Card.

One day Karen and Donna were talking about the fact that many clients are surprised by their first visit to Eagle Point. They seem to always mention they had no idea how beautiful and functional the land and facilities are and how much of an advantage the horses have here. After much discussion the girls then turned to me, I mean who else knows so much about this place and could show the farm off from such a unique perspective? They told me to go around the farm and take pictures and explain things so people could get a better idea of the farm. They are even giving me my own page on their website so I can keep everyone updated! So please join me as I take you through an introduction of both old and new things about the farm. You can page thru my journal entries, or go to my photo gallery, happy browsing.


Latest Journal Entry - Nov 05, 2009
Everyone at Eagle Point Farm will miss our friend and "buddy". BUDDY 1994-2009.....    more >>


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