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There is always a lot going on at the farm. I am in charge of the sofa in the tack room but on warm sunny days I check out the activities on the farm as they are always working on something. This time of year it is breaking season. I watch them train in our two breaking pens that were improved with drain pipes and rubber so they wonít freeze in the winter. But most of the yearlings are out in the field jogging already. Some days I will even venture to one of the two big eighty acre fields where the young horses are turned out. Iím tired when I return since there are many hills to climb, which I guess is good for building muscles and wind. I grew up doing this and now Iím big and strong even at my old age! In the summer it is fun to go jump in the river or one of our large ponds to cool off. The other eighty acre field also has hills, ponds and a run in shed as well as a 6 stall barn.

Whenever Karen goes to the track to the viewing stand I have to climb the hill and watch the horses train from the infield. This past year they added an irrigation system to the track and bought a new track conditioner. Just recently we had the motor grader out to level and mix in the new surface as well as had the base leveled. I think they said the new dirt came from the same place as this years surface for Colonial Downs. Iíve never been there before but heard itís pretty nice. After training hours the workers go up in the old blue truck to work on the track rail. Iíve never ridden in the blue truck since it is always full of lumber and tools to work on the fence. It looks like theyíre now replacing the inside rail on the track. I donít go up there much since I am not allowed on the track during training hours or near the starting gates unless I am with an escort, of course. They say that I might get in the way and I donít want any horses or riders to get hurt. They are pretty stiff on safety around here.

We finished the surrounding fence for the new horse exercising machine and have poured concrete for the base. Everyone had fun writing their initials in it! Karen even helped me do a paw print! Thereís a lot of history here so whenever we do a big improvement we like to remember all who were a part of it...including the horses who helped pay for it! (Thatís a neat story I could tell later! Iíll have to remember that.) We are now waiting for them to bring in this new fangled machine and then finish the fencing and footing. I hope they donít expect me to do any exercising on that thing. I mean, I heard itís very safe and highly effective but it is just for horses isnít it?

At night I have to get out of my warm bed and walk with Karen to the barn. She feeds and checks on the horses every night. I donít mind helping her out since she takes good care of me. Sometimes I wish I was a horse here. They have nice dry clean stalls with automatic heated waterers, are turned out in big green pastures, have alfalfa mixed hay, supplements, and then they are fed three, MAKE THAT THREE times a day. Can you believe that? Well I would like to be fed three times a day! But then again they either have to gallop on the track, do figure 8ís in the field, get lunged in one of the round pens, or jog up one of the many hills every day. THREE MEALS A DAY OR EXERCISE ? Whatís a dog to do?


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